Adage Corporation is a technical services and R&D company focused on the analysis and interpretation of rock physics data for reservoir characterization. We specialize in rock mechanics, X-ray CT imaging, and their integration. Bringing Adage onto your project team  provides a different perspective built on our academic and industry experience, and a solid scientific track record.

News and Updates

  • 14 Jan 2019: Alliance with Reactiv'IP

We just formed an alliance with Reactiv'IP, the developer of the IPSDK fast image processing library. We will be handling sales in the US while also ramping up the integration of this great toolbox into our projects. Get in touch for more info!

Official announcement: On LinkedIn

Reactiv'IP website:

Rock Mechanics​

Reevaluate your rock mechanical data with anisotropic, heterogeneity-aware failure models and meaningful metrics.

Imaging QC

Integrate Adage's CT scan QC process into your workflows.

X-ray CT Interpretation

Analyze your image volumes to characterize heterogeneity and support the next generation of effective medium models.